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Never a Minimum or Delivery Fee!

Do I need to call for a pick up?

No, unless your needs are infrequent.
You can be a "Will Call".

Do I need to identify stains?

No, every garment is individually spotted.

How do I pay?

Simple! You can provide us with a credit card or pay by check. We are "paperless" so your statement will come via email each month. (You can arrange for a mailed statement)

We recycle hangers!

We even provide the boxes.

Are you environmentally friendly?

Of course! We have a State of the Art, completely self-contained cleaning system that meets and exceeds all EPA and OSHA requirements. We have solar panels on our plant roof and recycle our water using a special "Chiller" process and then use it to cool all our machinery. We barcode for less invoicing and use a paperless billing system!