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"I am a busy working mom. So, Cleaners Advantage taking care of the dry cleaning with their easy drop off and delivery service means one less thing I have to worry about. I love it!! It's why I am a satisfied client for over three years!"
Trudy Toche-Flores, Chatham, NJ

"We have found Cleaners Advantage to be an extremely reliable service and I LOVE not having to make a trip to the dry cleaners every week!"
Alyson Mroczko, Madison, NJ

"This is a great cleaners, working in a restaurant, Cleaners Advantage has been able to get out every stain from red wine, olive oil , butter and iced tea for me personally and as well as the restaurant. Thanks!"
Bernadette Beady, Livingston, NJ

"We started using Cleaners Advantage over 7 years ago. We are extremely happy with the service and it's great having one less errand to run. All items are thoroughly inspected so I don't have to worry about pointing anything out. The deliveries are timely and their staff is very caring and responsive. The pricing is fair as well, so why would I drive around town when Cleaners Advantage will take care of my dry cleaning!"
Christine Crowley, Chatham, NJ

"I am very particular about all my garments and their care and I have never had a problem with Cleaners Advantage. They take the utmost care and always do a very professional job."
Phyllis Fleming, Madison, NJ

"I love Cleaners Advantage! I have been with them for a very long time and would never switch. They have even cleaned my daughter's stuffed animals and made them look brand new just like everything else they do!"
Claudia Weissinborn, Chatham, NJ

"Thank you Cleaners Advantage for making all my Saturdays more fun; the dry cleaning errand is gone! Our clothes look great, and we notice the special garment care."
Catherine, Chatham, NJ

We have been in corporate America (i.e. needing dry cleaned clothes!) for 25 years and have been through many dry cleaners both in a storefront and via home delivery. Just wanted to tell you that Cleaners Advantage has been the most professional, reliable, quality organization we have used for dry cleaning. Thanks for making it hassle-free.
Julie Geyer, Madison, NJ